Monday, July 17, 2006

I was so surprised this morning when my husband didn't go to work! He surprised me and took the week off! I've been planning on taking the kids to Calif. this coming weekend. We weren't sure if he could get the time off or not. He wouldn't be able to get a full 40hrs. until Aug. 15, but his boss just gave it too him early, so he gets to come. YAY!Which I really wasn't looking forward to going by myself with the 4 kids. We all haven't had a vacation together in 6 yrs. and I haven't had one in 3, so I'm really looking forward to this trip. So we're leaving very early Thursday morning and coming back sometime Sat. My aunt convinced us to wait until the beginning of December to do Disney, so I promised the kids to take them to the beach. My sister in law and aunt both suggested Coronado in San Diego, so we'll do that in the morning, and then head over to the Disneyland Hotel, have dinner and walk around and wait for the fireworks. We'll also visit my husband's 4 Aunts who still live out there. One in Corona, and the other 3 in Orange County. So for this Monday Memory, I want to tell you about how my husband and I met! First I had a hard time deciding which memory to tell, so next Monday I'm dedicating to my Dad's German Shepard. That dog meant the world to my dad, and he was a very loyal companion. I'm pretty sure I have a pic of him around the house I can scan. Thinking back after knowing my husband half my life, we both agree that we were destined to be together. Even though we get into our fair share of disagreements, we have some great memories. Going back a ways, I went to K at an Elementary School down the street from our house. I went there until 3rd. grade. Then my parents switched schools for us to go to a new school which was better and closer for our dad to take us, because it was on his way to work. Where is this going, you might ask....Well, year after year of driving to the Elementary School, and then the Junior High School around the corner from the Elem. School, we had to pass my husband's house he grew up in, every day. We lived not 5 min away from each other growing up. He actually went to the same Elementary School and Junior H.S. my Mom went to. Talk about it's a small world. Now in H.S. my first job was at a mall close by. The restaurant got sold, and I had to find a new job. I decided to walk in and apply at a Marie Callendars. I got an application from my husband's friend who also worked there. My husband was working the counter and I sat down and ordered something from him while I filled out my application. I got hired as a hostess, while my husband and his friend were servers. Turned out my husband's friend wanted to ask me out first, but chickened out, so my husband who has always been a friend to me asked me out. That was 15yrs ago. What's really cool is that some of his friends he went to school with, I went to High School with, and the friends I went to school with, ended up going to the same H.S. he went to ....So we traveled in the same social circle without knowing we'd be destined to be together. To seal my belief in our destiny, the day we got married, I'd mentioned this before, but I felt as we were driving to the chapel, the marriage certificate flew out the window, and then suddenly flew back in. I know it was 2 close family friends, Franny and Kendall, and my father who pushed it back in. Of course there is quite a lot more to our story, but I'll share that with you another Monday!

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Bar Bar A said...

Great news that hubby can to on vacation with you! You'll be driving RIGHT PAST MY HOUSE if you go from Coronado to Disneyland :)

(that's about a 2 hour drive - but I am sure you know that).

You are soooooo smart to wait to do Disneyland. Its just not worth it to go in the summer. You'd probably spend 6 hours of a ten hour day in lines - I'm not kidding - and in this heat it would be awful.

Have fun!!