Monday, July 24, 2006

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The kids had a blast! First I have to say my husband changed his mind. He really did not want to go to CA. His aunts were telling us to wait until December, becuase the weather was real hot and the kids would be miserable. Where did we go then? On a last minute trip to Las Vegas. The first night we stayed at the Paris hotel, which was beautiful, and the second night we stayed at Circus Circus. My husband gambles a little, but he had more fun at The Adventuredome in Circus Circus. It was somewhat like Knott's Berry Farm. The day we left, I took the kids to The Dolphin and White Tiger habitat at The Mirage. Now that's where I would stay next time. They loved the Dolphins. One recomendation, the price for the trip to the Eiffel Tower is expensive, and not worth it IMHO. I would think at night would be a much better view. The best meal we had was the $5.95 Prime Rib at the Hooters Hotel. There was also a Circus Act the kids liked, except my son wanted to get back to playing all the games. One other thing we did was to visit the Lion exhibit at the MGM Grand Hotel. We also stopped by the Hoover Dam on the way there. We were amazed at how low the water level was. We drove up and down the strip to avoid the crowds and the people handing out all the flyers. What I liked best is that we had fun togetether as a family! I'll post a few pics as soon as I find out where my husband has them saved!


Happy0303 said...

I love Las Vegas! It's one of my favorite places to layover. Sounds like your family had a wonderful time! I also like the lion display and walking under the pexiglass ceiling to see their tummyies!

Bar Bar A said...

I am so glad you guys had fun! It sounds great. Can you believe that the Vegas of yesterday is now a place that is kid friendly!!! Very cool.

I am glad you didn't come out here, you would have NOT LIKED THE HEAT, we're breaking records. Yukko