Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Friend's Day Weds #15
This week, I wanted to try something different either for today, or for next Weds. It's just an idea, I thought about bringing some Blog Cheer to the Blogsphere. Let me know today, or sometime this week about a NEW Blog friend you've met, or any blog post whether it be a picture, or recipe, or story that just made your day! Then if you played by either posting on your website, a shoutout, or leaving the link in my comments, (today or next Weds, I'm always looking forward to a new list of links to read!Just let me know!
Here's a story, that helped change my attitude towards doing one of my
least favorite chores.....LAUNDRY!


Catch said...

That was truly a great post!!!! I always hated laundry! And now my Mom lives with me and she does all the laundry because she enjoys it...so our whites are whiter, and the clothes are always clean...bless you Mother!

Jenny Ryan said...

Mmm...massage! :)