Monday, August 14, 2006


Here's my pic ( a little late), but one of my favorite plants is the Red Bird of Paradise. These plants will grow wildly out of control the more water you give them, but they can survive on very little water. In the winter they go dormant. The cold temps. kill them, but when Spring weather starts back up, you just water it, and it will come back to life. I tried to take a pic before the monsoons started. The winds were starting to kick up, so hopefully that means more rain!


Lisa said...

These are very beautiful! I love to look at all the different kinds of flowers. I am deathly afraid of bees and the such, so I never grow my own. Sad huh!

Guppyman said...

This is perfect... I was just pointing one of these out to my wife on Sunday.... good timing!

Happy0303 said...

I love flowers! I guess it's because I can't grow them myself. My daughter have me a potted flower for Mother's Day and it died in a week!

The Pink Diary

Tricia said...

Very nice. I'd love to grow those here but it gets too cold in the winter. I wonder if I could grow them in a pot (or in the ground) and then bring them inside in the winter to go dormant in a cool spot in the house?

Sorry I'm late commenting. I tried to comment the other day and blogger wouldn't let me log in. Arghh.