Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What a day yesterday! I got my peace and quiet back! The kids get to be back with their friends. Life is Good! My daughter has at least one friend she knows from last year in each of her classes, and my son did great on his new schedule with the nurse. I'll post a few pics later of them on their first day back! I'm in heaven just with the baby and the 3yo. girls, I told them we'd be off on adventures without the older ones, so they get my attention in the morning, and the older ones get some attention at night, I think I'm going to like this arrangement! In other news, We all blog for many reasons. My reason is I'm terrible at keeping a diary, blogging lets me keep track of all the milestones and fun things I do with my family and kids. I'm also trying to make a little extra on the side , trying to stay at home with the kids as long as I can. I came upon this post from Pajama Mama about Getting Paid to Blog ! She brought up a good question.....What would you pay someone to do? Have a look at her post, it's great. For me personally, that was an easy one for me, besides the obvious cooking and cleaning. I'd like someone to do the little Pain in the Arse errands like grocery shopping, going to the bank, post office, pay the bills, etc.
What woud you pay for?


Catch said...

I am going to have to pay someone to cut the grass since I put the lawn mower blade through the deck of the mower when I hit some concrete,,,lol

Lisa said...

Hmmmm. That could be a tough one. I would have paid for someone to change poopy diapers, but we are past that now. Definatley house cleaning. I think out of everything, I would have to choose folding and hanging the laundry. I just hate doing that!!! Glad to see you get a little bit of peace and quiet!