Tuesday, August 22, 2006

With Back to School underway, I thought this would be the perfect day to post about how amazed I am how my children grow so fast. Since my oldest daughter is finding adjusting to Junior High a little hard, this is for her.
Kelly from Pass The Torch has a great idea! Pass the Torch Tuesday is an opportunity for bloggers to celebrate the ways they see kids/young people doing things RIGHT! These are the little things we witness everyday, that make us proud of and hopeful about the generation to whom we
PASS THE TORCH! Here is my story:
Marissa is 12 now, almost 12 1/2. There is quite a gap between her and my son, about 6 yrs. So she was the one who got my undivided attention for so long, and now she has to share me with 2 sisters and a brother. I wanted to point out, that she is an awesome older sister, and an amazing daughter! She helps me by doing little things now and again with her siblings. She has fun feeding the baby and singing to her. With Katelyn our 3yo. she plays tea parties, and dressup complete with making her up. While I'm cooking dinner, sometimes she helps her brother with his homework. I know growing up can be hard, and especially now that she's at that in between, not quite a child anymore, and not quite all grown up, I can sense her starting to have little difficulties! She just keeps on going, smiling and laughing, keeps me going too!I was glad when she told me she wanted to keep up with her violin, not for me, but she enjoys it!
Everyone have a great Tuesday and be sure to visit Kelly and read other stories!


Catch said...

It sounds like you have a very nice daughter....she must be a great help to you with the younger ones! No wonder you are so proud of her.!!!

Happy0303 said...

What a mature daughter you have. You're definitely raising her right!

The Pink Diary

Pass The Torch said...

Rebecca, thank you so much for sharing your story! It is so refreshing to think about these instances, isn't it? Your daughter's actions are a perfect example of Pass the Torch Tuesday!!