Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Friends Day Weds. #13
Here are 5 things I found today that brought a smile to my face, or that I would enjoy doing!
1.) I'll admit it, I've done this before, Have you?
I enjoyed reading this post from MamaTulip .
2.) Traveling is one of my passions! Maremagnum is in Italy, and sharing pics of her trip!
My favorite is this one, of a beautiful Italian house.
3.)This pic from Tricia is one of my favorite flowers, and her's is truly lovely!
4.)I couldn't resist this one Hot Fudge Pudding, by Sally! You can find this recipe and more at
The World of Blogger's Cookbook! Check it out or submit your own.
5.) This story from Leanne gave me a case of the giggles! I know what I would have done, Called my husband to do the dirty work!!

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peppylady said...

Just read your 13 thursday list. I just did my first one yesterday and I'm getting all sort of ideals.