Monday, August 14, 2006

It's Back to School Day!!!
The children went back to school this morning, and what a morning it was!! Since we were up on a mini-vacation this weekend visiting my grand-parents, and didn't get back into town until 7 last night, I just got up early, had a cup of coffee, because I got up EARLY( I'm not a morning person), took a shower, and then (my husband would've done this for me, but I didn't ask him, so....) went to the store and bought lunch things and snacks. Got home, had another cup of coffee, made breakfast, then we headed out the door to drop my son off first. Made a trip to the nurses office....went over his blood sugar testing schedule and then headed off to drop my daughter off at the JHS. Got her schedule. Thank God, she takes the bus this year. Found out where she'll be catching it tomorrow. She also needs to have her elective switched. She wants to take ART this year, but waited to long to tell me, and is scheduled for orchestra.
Went to the park to let my 3yo play while we waited until it was time to go back to my son's school for his first B/S test....This was my fault I did say 9:00 and I thought I'd said 9:30, but the nurse took care of it, and did just fine. We went over when he goes to recess and snack time, what to do. I'm heading back there for his lunchtime check, if everything's fine, I won't go back for his 2 pm check. What's nice about this year, is he's on a schedule, which with diabetics it's great, because much of managing diabetes has to do with timing, so there is a lot of pressure taken off of me this year!! Thank God for that too!
I'll post a little later on a few things, and I'll catch up with everyone too!
Happy Monday!


Reverberate58 said...

Whoa! Slow down and take a breath. I'd also go slow on that coffee!!LOL Sounds like the new school year is off and running and your running right along! Better pace yourself now or you will be worn out by Friday!

Catch said...

I remember the first day of school.....I was always on my porch gabbing to my friends about how happy we were that school started! LOL

Happy0303 said...

My goodness! What time did you have to wake up to get all this done? Makes me feel a little guilty since I'm still in my jammies!