Sunday, August 06, 2006


These are the new addition to my new SW Garden. My husband's grandmother had some gorgeous bright pink Vinca, but I thought the pale pink with the dk. pink center were very pretty. They seem very happy with the HOT weather !I also got some California Poppy seeds I'll start when it starts cooling down here in AZ in the next couple weeks.


Pam said...

Ahhh, Vinca minor. Lovely. I had some as ground cover on my south facing hill and it was just to hot for the little buggers. There are some remnants here and there. Those California Poppy's should do quite well, yes?
Thanks for stopping by my place.

Bar Bar A said...

Those are so pretty! I don't have any green thumbs of my own. Those are pretty and the poppys will be lovely!

Tricia said...

Vinca is lovely. I've never tried growing it- yet that is. :)

TravelPro said...

I have two young children...Do you wanna know what they ask two seconds after we start off on any trip we take? "Are We There Yet?"

LOVE you're title!