Saturday, August 05, 2006

I have started counting down the days until the children go back to school! 10 days to go! Woohoo! This last week has been really tough! I told my oldest daughter, that the Summer has gone by really fast, but for some reason this last week has dragged on something horrible! The kids are getting antsy and bored, and driving me NUTS! We've played board games, read library books, swam in the pool, and rented all kinds of movies! I'm tired of Nickelodeon being on all day, and listening to who did what to who, and who did something bad! They've been so good the whole summer up until Tuesday it seems, than all HELL's broken loose! I haven't been able to blog, because I have to referee them, not to mention Blogger wouldn't let me post pics on Thursday! Not to mention we've gotten through the hottest part of Summer, and I'm just a little HOT, TIRED, and CRANKY! Even the baby's been cranky! She got her bottom 2 teeth, so she has a very good reason! What else! My husband chose this weekend to start organizing our shed! Something like that really irritates me, especially if it's 104F out! WTH! Can't he wait another month....Truth be told, I'm the pack rat, and most of the things are mine, and I don't feel like doing it! And I don't think he feels like watching the kids why I do it, so end of story, I'll wait until they are in school, and it cools down...This brings me to the reason for my post....Ok! I love my husband to death, he's my best friend, but he can just piss me off sometimes with how he is!!! His big thing is he gets an idea in his head he wants it done ASAP!! OK, I'm the procrastinator, so I'll get it done when I feel like it, or I'll make a list of what's important and start at the top and work my way down of things that need to get done. You think he would offer to help me, but he sometimes adds to my list, and expects his things get done before mine!!!ACK!! It's a good thing I'm the multi-tasker, or all would be LOST!!! LOL!! So this is the recap of my week, and my weekend so far!! I hope tomorrow is better!!
How's everyone's weekend going??


Happy0303 said...

Sorry, but I'm more like your husband. When I decide to do something, it has to be done NOW! I think my husband would sympathize with you!

TC said...

In my house, Prince Charming is the procrastinator and I do things right away most of the time, but I don't mind his procrastination, it is just how he is.

Neurotic Mom said...

My husband is the procrastinator and i'm the one that wants things done now. Wanna swap hubbys?

Christine said...

Kailani-I hear that a lot...when my husband wants something done, it's got to be NOW!

TC-You know my husband would take me just the way I am too!

Neurotic Mom-I couldn't help but laugh at that!