Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Friends Day Weds. #14
Here are 5 things I found today that brought a smile to my face, or that I would enjoy doing!
1.)One of my favorite flowers are lillies. When I found Pets Garden, the pics are gorgeous.
2.)I am so making THESE for the Holidays too! from Sugarfused.
3.)Considering I'm watching my son's carbs, I got a laugh at this Funny posted by Melli.
4.)I wish I'd found this site earlier, but at Want Not, if your finishing up your back to school shopping this might help you!
5.) I got a laugh at this post from The Big Trade Off! Reminded me of my 3yo daughter and the things she does!!


Happy0303 said...

Thanks for the links. I espcially like the oreo balls recipe. Sounds yummy! I wish there was a picture of it, though.

The Pink Diary

Catch said...

I remember back to school shopping!!! I kinda of enjoyed it...and getting them all dressed in thier new clothes that first day of school.....its a good memory.