Saturday, August 26, 2006

I had several things I wanted to post about today. I had a great meme I found to finish my 100 Things about me, also a new scrapbook layout, but I'm choosing to post about this. Just me ranting a little! This is about my husband's children and EX. We went to a BBQ for his son for his Senior Graduation, he also graduated from ROTC and planned to join the Marines when he turns 18 , which was this past Weds. We haven't seen either his son or daughter all summer. His son didn't call my husband on his birthday, or Father's Day, his daughter called the days after both of them, and said she was busy that was her excuse. I don't mean to sound harsh, but my husband loves those kids and supports them, calls them, and they still don't let him know that they care for him. All he asks is a phone call just to say Hi dad, How's it going? So, we knew we'd be getting an invitation for a BBQ for his son's birthday! They only live less than 10 miles away. His EX is remarried to a wonderful man, who loves and takes care of the kids. I don't like talking bad about people, but his EX and I just don't get along. She's used and manipulated me, my husband, and my husband's family. Her family has treated my husband terribly, and the whole situation is just emotionally and mentally draining. The first couple years of our marriage, when his kids were younger, they lived in Washington, and we could only afford to Fly them out once a Summer. Then they moved here about 3yrs. ago, and you think we'd see them a lot more. The only time we see them is for Birthdays, and on Christmas Eve. I don't mind giving to the kids. I've taken them shopping for school clothes, and had a birthday party for his son one year when he was 12, but my husband's EX is very controlling and to be honest very cruel. The reason his son wanted to go in the Marines was to get away from everything. The point of this story is after the BBQ for his graduation, and the feeling like I was invited, but I didn't need to show up, and the fact that we gave him a nice graduation present, and he didn't even appreciate it, I don't want to go to his Birthday party. I told my husband you go, I'm just staying home. My husband didn't really want to go, because at the BBQ last time or any time he gets together, he doesn't want to be around her family, because the comments her mother and sister make to him. My In-Laws are going, my FIL really doesn't want to go and neither does my husband's grandmother, because they don't like how my husband's EX and her family treat my husband and me. So to make a long story short. Why should I go if I'm not acknowledged, and made to feel comfortable? I'm not the type of person to ask for attention, but some decent courtesy. When someone doesn't even smile and act like they're happy to see you, then why should I go where I'm not wanted! My daughter's friend invited her to a birthday party , and I'd rather visit with her friend's mother than subject myself to the above situation. I'll post the other things a little later tonight, and my Green Thumb Sunday too!
Everyone have a great weekend!


Happy0303 said...

I know it's his son's graduation but I wouldn't go either. Why put yourself through that? Maybe you guys could celebrate with him later on.

The Pink Diary

Catch said...

I would not go either. You and hubby can take him out to dinner some night. Just the 3 of you, if the kid doesnt want to do it then thats too bad, at least you offered. His X wife sounds like such a controlling idiot. I wouldnt want to be anywhere around her.