Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #16
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This week I'm doing an actual 13 Things About my Week!
1.) This was the best thing, while visiting my grandparents this weekend, Sunday morning the monsoons came, and it poured rain and hail. The kids had a blast just playing in the rain. Catching raindrops with their tongues. It was great fun to be out of the heat!
2.) My grandparents live about a mile high, and their house is up a Mountain just a bit. Because of a Population Explosion, it was necessary for them and their neighbors to save a portion of the forest land behind their houses. To prevent overgrowth. Anyways, their are hiking trails, and while my grandmother watched the baby, I took the kids along with my Mom and grandpa hiking to the bottom of the 'lil mountain to a play area and back again....Again the kids and I had a blast. I raced my oldest daughter up a hill.
3.) It was a good thing my Mom didn't decide to go up by herself ( I drove), because she got a flat tire on Monday.
4.)My 3yo now wants to go fishing and camping next time. I'm a little sad, because my grandparents are getting up there in their mid-80's and my grandfather thinks this is the last winter they will be living there. It's just too much for them to take care.
5.) My grandmother got out all the old pics of my Mom and my Uncle. I love seeing the old black and white photos of the '50s. Pics of my Great-Grandmother, and found out that her and her husband ran a Hotel in Oregon. I didn't know that! I like finding out about where my family came from and what they did.
6.) The baby has been doing disappearing acts on me. She's learned how to roll, so when I set her down in the living room and step into the kitchen. I checked in on her and couldn't find her....She'd rolled under the coffee table! When I found her, she gave me this big grin, as if to say...Oh you found me!!
7.)Ok, the 1st Day of School was Monday!! Thank God, and not a day too soon!! I can tell you the house is so much more peaceful now. No more hearing, I'm Bored, or so and so is teasing me....I'm so proud of my kids. Both of them are very indepedent and seemed to be adjusting just fine. My son has his 1st Spelling Test and my daughter seems a little overwelmed with Junior High and all the classes she has to go to .
8.) I like the school nurse. This is her first year at a school. She said she'd worked for years at a hospital taking care of Cancer patients, and finds this more rewarding. She's really interested in my son since he's the youngest one at his school to be on an insulin pump for his Type-1 Diabetes. She's got him on a schedule to test his blood sugars, and I don't have to worry to much anymore about his care. One nurse last year scared me, when she didn't even know how to work his blood machine. So I trust her, and it's nice I can let go of him in some sense that eventually he will be taking care of himself.
9.) My oldest daughter really didn't want to take violin anymore. I was a little disappointed. We talked about it, and I'm trying to change her elective, but I explained to her that's she's really good, and if she sticks with it, she could get a scholarship. Hopefully she sticks with it!!
10.) Mostly I've been running around to 2 different schools. And checking back with my son and the nurse at lunchtime...Yesterday, he's supposed to after he has lunch, go to the nurse to put in his insulin, and then he could go play. Well, me and my girls, and the nurse waited 30 min, and he never showed, he was shooting hoops on the playground and threw a fit to have to leave, but I thought it was cute how he'd grown up, and was just being a normal kid, even if it was for a moment.
11.) My favorite part of the day is bedtime, when I get to read to the kids. Both the kids pick out a story, and they take turns who's story is first.
12.) I should mention my husband...He was so sweet last night, he knew I'd been running around with the kids, so he got Chinese Take-Out for dinner. Yumm...Kung Pao Chicken.
13.) I have to mention, that one thing I did this week which I never do, was take a nap. I can see this was only the first, but ceartainly not the last time either. I put the baby down for a nap, and then me and my 3yo just crashed for almost 2hrs. It felt so good.
Everyone have a great Thursday!!
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Happy0303 said...

Great list! I love when it rains. Maybe it's because I live on one of the dryest spots on the island. As for hail, that only happened in my living room! LOL!

The Pink Diary

Southern Girl said...

Sounds like a full week! I wish it would come a monsoon here. We're about 8 inches short of where we usually are this time of year.

Happy TT!

Knitting Maniac said...

Sorry .. .I linked twice. I meant to come in and comment, then linked myself again!

It is always calming to know you have someone in your camp and has a plan ready for your children. I have a friend who has a child who is Type 1 as well, and it is scary stuff. My DD was mis-diagnosed this time last year as being Type 1. It wasn't (and that was scary, too!)

Louise said...

Naps are the best.

K T Cat said...

What a wonderful list. It made me want to visit there, too.

Carmen said...

There's a song called "Sooner or Later" and there's a line in it that says "and playing in the rain is worth catching cold" :)

Jenny Ryan said...

Nice list. Sounds like it was a really good week for you :) Jenny (www.jennyryan.com)

Darla said...

School started already? Lucky you. We've still got a week and a half of the I'm-boreds.

Barbara said...

Sounds like a great visit with your grandparents. Wish mine were still living.

Come visit my TT.

Leanne said...

Sounds like a really nice visit with your grandparents - aside from the monsoon!

How cute that your little girl is rolling away and hiding. They're so precious!

Happy Thursday, thanks for stopping by!

JAM said...

This is a nice list. The whole thing at your grandparent's, wonderful. Makes me remember the good times with mine.

I have a TT up on my blog, if you care to see it.

mar said...

You have had a busy week! I remember when my baby learned to roll and he would "disappear" from his blanket, lol!. Naps are luxury, I love naps! happy TT

Trish said...

What a great list! My daughter plays the viloin as well, this will be her 6th year. How old is your daughter? Mine is 15 and she plays amazingly!

Oh I hope she doesnt give it up!

Pass The Torch said...

You sound like you have a great relationship with your Grandmother. Very cool.

Margaret said...

You stole a nap this week?!! Oh I sooo hate you right now. (just teasing) I want to nap but it's 5pm so I suppose I should either get dinner going or ... keep blogging and ignore the kitchen, praying for take out.

YellowRose said...

I love rain like that! Your trip sounded wonderful!

Naps are amazing things!

Zeus said...

Looking at old photos, exploring the hiking trails, and playing in the rain: does it get any better? It sounds to me like you and your family had a week that could easily provide you with many special memories! Terrific list!

Kimmy said...

You've been a busy gal! I'm so glad you and your kids were able to spend time with your grandparents... it sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. (Well, maybe not your mom and her flat tire...) Playing in a monsoon... that's something my son may never say. What a memory!
Happy (belated) Thursday 13!
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