Monday, August 21, 2006

What makes grandmaother's so special, is the caring and love they show, along with all the endless memories and stories they share.

While I was up at my grandmothers this past weekend going through old pics, it inspired me to find this pic. ! This is pic was taken while my mom was in the hospital after giving birth to my brother, and my grandmother was watching me. I love this pic, because my grandmother is so much FUN to be around. And what child does not like playing with Bubbles. You can see in the background, another reason why I love this pic ( besides the 70'ish outfit I'm wearing, and the green table cloth with all that fringe), but my mother's Lillies of the Nile, and her Daylillies, I'd enjoy looking at growing up!
Here's a pic of us visiting Sedona,AZ, when she first moved to AZ, and I went to see their new place in Prescott.

Here's a Link to one of my Monday Memories about my GrandMother!
Everyone have a great Monday!


Happy0303 said...

I love my WP blog! Once I got the initial problems fixed (theme design problem) everything worked fine. It does take a little getting used to, though. I don't have any regrets! Now I can post when I want to post!

The Pink Diary

Pass The Torch said...

I love these old pictures. It makes me want to dig through my photo albums and post some.

Lovely post.

Pass the Torch

Happy0303 said...

Grandmas are the best!

The Pink Diary