Monday, September 04, 2006

Don't you just love long weekends!! Except for the part where I was having Blogging withdrawls. We actually had a weekend where ALL we did was RELAX! Me and my husband and the kids watched movies, and visited with family, and none of us ran around or really did anything.It was nice to sit and watch a whole program on TV. OK, I take it back, my husband and I did start going through MY STUFF in the shed out back, but only because he had my hands tied. That's how he got me away from the computer this whole weekend!!Just kidding, but I did miss reading everyone's posts, I'll be sure and catch up with all of you!
*******Kelly from Pass The Torch has a great idea! Pass the Torch Tuesday is an opportunity for bloggers to celebrate the ways they see kids/young people doing things RIGHT! These are the little things we witness everyday, that make us proud of and hopeful about the generation to whom we PASS THE TORCH!
Here's my story,
I was playing with the baby this weekend, and it got me thinking about my kids. How much they depend on me and my husband and eachother, to learn and grow, and how in reality, I've learned so much from each of them! The baby is starting to crawl now, and what I love most about that is the determination in her eyes and in her face! What is it that keeps them going? They could give up and say, this isn't working, I'm just going to quit! Does she, and never learn to crawl to get where it is she needs to go. No, she just keeps right on going. Getting closer and closer to her goal, which happens to be anything. Her little phone rattle, or a COKE can, or even my husband's TV Remote. The lesson I've learned from her is to never give up. Try, Try again! Things may get hard, and times may get tough, but I can just make it, if I don't give up and lose hope! Onto my 3yo daughter. She's the most loving,thoughtful and caring one of them all by far. She has a genuine affection for everyone, and she's just so full of life. Her valuable lesson, that I've learned from her is, her IMAGINATION. During my day to day life, just Full of grownup stuff, and everything that comes with Responsibility, she's taught me to not only LET GO of all my worry and perfectionism in dealing with my son's Type 1 Diabetes, and just have FUN again. How to laugh at all her silly imaginary friends in her world. My son's the hard one. He's been through so much for such a young age, and tears are rolling down my eyes as I'm typing this, because, I can't even imagine what living in his world is like!! His story is really the highlight of this post for the simple fact, he doesn't let being a Diabetic get him down. In a day filled with Testing Blood Sugars, counting carbs, and through all the Highs and Lows, it marvels me how grown up he's become. How he handles it so well? I'd be coming apart at the seams. He just goes to show me, that Living Life is all about the attitude you by which you live it. He could have a bad attitude and give me a hard time about everything he has to do, don't get me wrong in almost 3 yrs. I can count the times on my hands when he's told me how he's sick of it all, and I wouldn't blame him. Yet he still runs in the nurses office at school, does what he needs to and runs back to class. Everyday, until a cure can be found.
My question for you is, what have you learned from your children?


Pass The Torch said...

Beautiful post, Christine. Your son sounds like a real trooper - he is so resilient. Kids really do teach us so much, don't they?

One of the important things my kids have taught me is that play is important. And much of what we worry about in life, isn't worth the attention we give it.

I'm so glad you've joined us for Pass the Torch Tuesday!

amy said...

That was very nice to read. Im just browsing blogs and found yours!!!

TC said...

my daughter has taught me a new way to look at the world. She sees such wonder in such little things, she loves everything from dandelions to spiders. Because of her, I am less afraid of spiders now too.

Haleigh Anne said...

I like the new look. Your kids are AWESOME kids...which don't sell yourself short it has a lot to do with great parenting. I think your son handles his situation so well because you handle it well. Your daughters are so loving and caring because they have you as a role model. I don't know you but from your blog you can tell these things. :) I've enjoyed reading about you and your family.

Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful; you're doing a great job! BTW, I love your new design! My kids inspire me in a lot of ways too. They especially teach me to slow down and smell the roses and have fun. I'm a kid at heart, so that one's fun. :)

Knitting Maniac said...

Excellent post!

One thing I have learned/my kids have taught me is ... never stop being a kid at heart.

Pamela said...

not my quote but repeated:

Parents do not raise children to become adults.
Children raise parents to become adults.

I will pray specifically tonight that a cure is found for juvenile diabetes this year!

Catch said...

Your son is a good sport....its hard to deal with diabetes when your older...I cant imagine how young kids do it.

My kids are all older.....36,31 and 23. One thing I have learned is I never knew how much I could love another human being till I had them...and I guess the other thing would be...try to stay young with them.

Happy0303 said...

You have such wonderful compassionate children. You're definitely raising them right!

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