Monday, September 18, 2006

Even though we hit some rocky times this weekend, we enjoyed ourselves. Lunch with my MOM was nice. We ate at Olive Garden. Love the breadsticks. I was hoping for to order their Spinach Alfredo pasta, but because of the Spinach scare, they weren't serving it! The highlight of lunch of course was dessert. We shared a Raspberry Cheesecake with a chocolate crust! I love my mom to death, and I don't write to much about her, because I don't understand a couple things about her. For instance she didn't visit with us before or after lunch on the Saturday, she just came over to have lunch and left. She wasn't busy, she does this all the time. She's a wonderful grandmother, and yet it seems like she doesn't want to be around us. Some of it has to do with and I"m just assuming, which is one of my faults, but because I don't share her idea of going to church 4x a week, I feel she treats me differently, if I did go as much as her, she'd spend more time with us! This is just how I feel. After my mom left, my oldest and I went shopping for my niece's birthday present, which my SIL said she wanted a CowGirl hat. So we went and found a plain pink one, which while I took my son to his friend's birthday party, my daughter decorated it with rhinestones. She's always been very creative. Onto the adventure of finding my son's friends birthday party. It was at a PeterPiperPizza, and I just assumed (again, one of my faults) it was at the closest one to their school. From the beginning I should have called my husband to find the correct address of the one it was, but sometimes I just feel I can do it on my own, kind of like my husband and drive around for a couple hours before he listens to me and pulls over while I ask for directions. My son was on the verge of tears after an hour or so later we made it to the right one, and then he had a blast. He shared a piece of cake with me, and it's nice to spend some one-on-one quality time with him. Sunday morning I started getting this horrible headache. I think it had to do with, not knowing how my husband's kids would be. After getting all the kids ready, we made it to my SIL's right on time, his kids got there a few minutes after we did. My husband's family is one that loves to give hugs, I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but I also understand that there are families that this just isn't their thing. I personally like it just because I like to keep a ceartiain closeness to the ones I love. My husband's grandmother is one who went through a very bad childhood, and has been through a lot in her life. Understanding, that she can be a little cranky sometimes, I believe she's earned some respect in that she is a very thoughtful and giving person. My husband's son who just turned 18, in my opinion was very disrespectfull to her, and I thought I caught a glimpse of my husband who understood his son's meaning as being also disrespectfull. Both me and my husband were taught to be respectfull to our elders, teenagers or not. That was the only rocky part of the birthday party, the rest of the day was GREAT!! The kids had waterballoon fights, and my son and 3yo love my husband's kids, so they really liked spending time with them. Since my husband's son isn't going to college or working, and my husband is starting his woodworking business offered him to come and help him, which I thought was great! My neice loved her present, and all day the kids all got along. The most hilarious part of the day was watching my son try and do the Hula with a HULA-HOOP! And then my BIL trying to explain why girls are better than boys when it comes to doing a HULA! Thank God for that, because my son wouldn't make a very good Hula dancer! LOL!!
Everyone have a Great Monday!!


Pass The Torch said...

Oh! I know what that's like when you're just sure you know where you're going, then totally don't. I'm glad you made it to the party after all!

Busy weekend, huh?


Happy0303 said...

LOL! There are lots of guys who do the hula here but not the same way that the girls do it.

I love Olive Garden! I wish we had one here!

The Pink Diary

Blue Moon said...

I probably would have demolished my little ones hopes and gave up and went home, so good for you! I agree, if they dont have to ask for directions, why should we? I love the Olive Garden Breadsticks too. Especially dipped in alfredo sauce. YUMMY!!!! Have a wonderful week!

Catch said...

Glad you had a good time with your Mom and at the party. Isnt the Olive Garden the best???? umm..I love their salads...all except for that dang spinach scare...geese. Hugs are great, my family are big into hugs...I think its great.

Andrew said...

I guess he's right ... I've never seen a boy who's really good at doing the hula, not like girls. I wish I'd heard his reasons. Then there was the time I got picked out of the crowd at a hula dance demonstration in Hawaii, brought to the front and made to do the hula in front of a big crowd. Not a pretty sight, folks!

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Ocean Lady said...

That dessert at the Olive Garden sounds really good. And the cowgirl hat sounds fun. That's great that it all turned out okay. :)