Tuesday, September 12, 2006

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40 Things More About Me
Inquiring Minds Want To Know
I borrowed this From Shelli. 1.)Do you still have tonsils? Yes! I always wanted them out so I could eat as much ice cream as I wanted.
2.)Would you bungee jump? I don't think so! I'm a little scared of heights!
3.)If you could do anything in the world for a living, what would it be? Own a restaurant somewhere in Key Largo, FL.
4.)How many tattoos do you have? None. I want one of a 'lil hibiscus on my middle toe. 5.) Your favorite fictional animal? Stuart Little.
6.) One person who never fails to make you laugh: My son Josh. 7.)Do you consider yourself well organized? That's funny!
8.)Any addictions? Coffee and blogging.
9.)From what news source do you receive the bulk of your news? FOX 10 at 10.
10.) Would you rather go to a carnival or a circus? The circus. I'd rather watch the acts than, ride those carnival rides. 11.)When you were 12 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up? A travel agent. 12.)Best movie you’ve seen this year? POTC.
13.)Favorite alcoholic drink? Tequila Sunrise or any flavor Margarita. 14.)What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Make coffee ASAP!
15.)Siblings? One brother
16.)What is the best thing about your job? I feel I'm raising a self-aware and responsible next generation.
17.)Have you ever gone to therapy? Yes. For my father's drinking, and the affects it had on our family. It didn't do any good. I had to come to my own understanding of my father's addiction and the realization that he loved me.
18.)If you could have one super-power, what would it be? The ability to do a hundred things at the same time.
19.) Do you own any furniture from Ikea? No. My husband is a wood craftsman and makes all our furniture. How cool is that! The construction on his website has just begun. 20.)Have you ever gone camping? Yes. My favorite memories of my father are when he took us up to Northeren CA to go fishing. I love the outdoors.
21.)Gas prices? First thought? They are coming down. At least around here. I paid $2.45 a couple days ago. 22.)Your favorite cartoon character: The Little Mermaid.
23.)What was your first car? A White Nissan Sentra.
24.)The Cosby Show or The Simpsons?My husband would say the Simpsons, because he looks like and acts like BART. I'd say the Cosby Show. 25.)Do you think marriage is outdated or ritual? No. 26.)Do you go to church? I did growing up. I believe in God and know the Lord as my Savior, but unfortunately I have issues with the Church. I pray. I read the Bible, but my faith is with my Heavenly Father and not in man.
27.)What famous person would you like to have for dinner? The easiest answer would be Johnny Depp. Why? To find out what his secret to his success is. I've watched him since 21 JumpStreet, and every movie he's made. I can't say that about any other actor!
28.)What errand or chore do you despise? Doing the laundry. Folding clothes.
29.)First thought when the alarm went off this morning? What alarm. I have a 7 mos. old baby who wakes up at 6 am.
30.)The last time you puked from drinking? I can’t remember. It has been a long, long, time. 31.)What is your heritage? German and Scottish
32.)Favorite Flower?Stargazer Lillies.
33.)Disney or Warner Brothers? Disney.
34.)What is your best childhood memory?Blowing bubbles with my Grandma when I was 2.
35.)Your favorite potato chip? BBQ Lays.
36.)What is your favorite candy? 3 Musketeers. 37.)Do you burn or tan? I burn the first time, then I tan.
38.)Astrological Sign? Cancer.
39.)Do you own a gun? Personally, no. My husband used to have quite a collection, but not with all the kids in the house. Now we have a black lab, who's very protective!
40.)What do you think of hotdogs? I'll only eat ALL Meat Hot Dogs. Like Ball Park or Hebrew National.
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Here's her comment:
You and my daughter would get along great. Ariel is her favorite,too!
Thanks to Carmen, Kelly,TC for your comments too!


Pass The Torch said...

Hahaha! I love the answer to the alarm question. Who needs an alarm when you have kids??

Carmen said...

laundry is an awful task, isn't it? but I hate going to the grocery store even more. :)

TC said...

What a fun post! I love that your husband makes you furniture! That is soo cool!

Oh and guess what? I am celebrating my blogiversary today!