Monday, September 25, 2006

What started out to be a boring weekend of endless chores and cleaning, actually turned out pretty fun. One of my husband's aunts from CA who was coming out for a surprise visit, I wasn't quite sure if she'd make it or not, did in fact come out. She popped in my door around 3pm Sat afternoon with my husband's grandmother. I should name them Grandma Carol, and Aunt Renee. They invite me and my husband out for dinner, but my husband said just for me to go. We headed for Outback SteakHouse, home of the Bloomin' Onion. Yumm....! It really was a treat, because I've known Renee half my life, and have only been out to dinner with her sister my MIL, and her other older sister Kathy. I love it, because there are 6 sisters in all. A couple of them, includind Renee are considered black sheeps of the family, but I get along with her,Kathy and my MIL the best. Sat Night was movie night, so we didn't even have to rent movies this week, 50 First Dates, and POTC 1, was on TV ,and Sunday night we watched Forrest Gump. All movies we could watch over and over again, without getting Burned Out on. Sunday, I took the kids over to Grandma Carol's to visit Renee and Great-Grandpa Bill. He always gives the kids chocolate,ice cream or Oreo's when they come to visit. My MIL was there which was a surprise visit too, because she lives about an hour away and with the prices of gas hasn't come down to visit very often. It's kind of sad in a way, because our family is so close, and because of gas prices, how hard it makes it on some people. After visiting, Josh and Katelyn had their hearts set on bowling, so we went, and I signed Josh up for Fall League which started a couple weeks ago, but they still had room for one more. He's a natural. I know this may sound funny, but with bumpers, he still bowled a 110 with 2 Strikes and a spare. He has a passion for it. After he gets a strike he gets so excited he smiles from ear to ear. My 'lil girl on the other hand bowled one time, and said the ball was too heavy. That's OK, she's my little cheerleader/drama queen, I think she'd rather be in some type of Dance class. That's our weekend wrap up! How was your weekend?

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Blue Moon said...

Wow! Sounds like you were very busy and had lots of fun. Moon Baby loves to bowl, so I have a feeling I am not going to be getting the cheerleader out of her. Hope you have a great week!