Tuesday, September 26, 2006

While I was enjoying catching up on reading everyone's post at Kailani's Carnival of Family Life, hosted by Be A Good Dad, this week, one post by Bonnie, really hit home. Before my son was diagonosed Type 1 Diabetic, some of you may know that my husband is also a Type 1, who in the 70's lived with a different type of treatment and diet than my son can enjoy now, because of the Technology available today. If it wasn't for my husband, and the knowledge of how to treat diabetes is so much better, I think things could be a whole lot worse. My concearn after reading Bonnie's post is Halloween time, and all the Chocolate and candy that come with it. I'll admit as a kid growing up, my brother and I would eat all the candy we could, on the verge of getting sick to our stomachs. I agree with her, I literally am so scared of what will happen this year. Last year was a nightmare. My son wasn't on the insulin pump, and so, it was a battle, to hide the candy, to keep him from sneaking it. Only limiting him one or two pieces of chocolate, how hard that was, with me knowing one more piece could send his normal blood sugar of under 200, skyrocketing to 500. Another reason, without the pump, if he couldn't wait until lunchtime, considering it an extra snack, meant an extra shot, which is not my option of choice, but that's the option I could give him, UNTIL I read Bonnie's post. Please stop by and read her wonderful post and in all honesty, even if my son was never a Type 1 Diabetic offering non-candy Treats for Halloween would be a wonderful option this year. Also, It's Pass The Torch Tuesday, stop by and visit Kelly, (she's moved) and read all the wonderful posts there about Catching Kids doing something Good.

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Pass The Torch said...

Non-candy treats is such a good idea. We always feel like ogres with our own kids - making them "save some for later." But it really puts things in perspective to see your post.

Thank you for mentioning Pass the Torch Tuesday. I appreciate it!

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