Saturday, September 16, 2006

I was so thrilled this morning when I walked out to the patio to enjoy my cup of coffee, when I looked at my Portulaca. It was aburst of colors. Besides the salmon color when I first bought it, there was a canary yellow, and a bright pink, but by the time I got around to taking a pic of it, the pink had faded. There were also blooms of white and a very pale yellow.
With fall coming, for the next week temps are coming under one hundred, so I actually could enjoy a little bit of gardening.

This wasn't one of my best pics, and I'm sorry it's a little blurred, but these little beauties brought a warm smile to my face.

Everyone have a great Sunday!


默之猫名 said...

hello! welcome to my blog!

Lynn said...


Great colours!
That would have warmed up my morning too!

mine is up
It might load slow.

John said...

pity about the focus, I'm sure the plant itself looks wonderful.

thanks, mines up too.

Pam said...

I have grown this in the past and just recently saw a bed of it in a single color. I had never seen that before.
Isn't it lovely that plants can give us a feeling that sometimes no one or thing can.
Enjoy your Sunday and hopefully get some gardening done with the lower temps.

FruitfulSpirit said...

Very pretty! I have never grown this but my mom did and my sister does. It is very hardy in Florida! I like it in hanging pots it is very pretty! Great shot you have, the blur adds character!

Mine is posted. Have a great Sunday!

Deb said...

Yet another unfamiliar flower for me but if it grows in that kind of heat, it might do good here in Tennessee, too :=)
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Tricia said...

very nice! I love portulaca but I didn't grow any this year. I'll have to plant some next year.

Hey I was just thinking - we should all collect some seeds from the plants we like and maybe do a seed exchange? That could be interesting!

Ocean Lady said...

Flowers are so magical and healing! That's great that the temp. is going below 100, WOW!