Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Something happened yesterday,last night and this morning that truly enforced my belief in Angels watching over us and God protecting us. In my family's time of real need God has always been there. Most of you know my son is a Type 1 Diabetic and has been on the insulin pump for almost a year now. He's was diagnsed when he was 3, and just celebrated his 6th birthday in July. With the insulin pump it simulates his pancreas in giving him small amounts of insulin every hour. The pump is programmed automatically to do this. Last year in K, everyday I put the pump on the child safety lock so curious hands of all his school buddies wouldn't think it was a Game Boy and push buttons. My son knows it's not a toy and knows how to work the buttons to give himself his medication after meals and snacks, but not to program the background every hour dose. It's a very complicated 5 Step process. I had the pump therapist do it for me when he got it on, and at his doctor's visits every 3 months the doctor has seen no need to change it, So.......I don't know what happend, but he normally gets about 15-20 units of insulin a day, and yesterday his total was 35. It was a really strange day yesterday the nurse at school called twice to tell me she couldn't get his blood sugars up and when he came home from school, he had juice, cereal, crackers....I felt like I was pumping him with Sugar and Carbs. My husband told me to give him a HONEYBUN, which has like 40g are Carbohydrates. My sons blood sugars wouldn't go up. For us normal is 80-140, his was floating between 80/90, so that's not bad, but because he's so active I like it at 150. Just because I like worry about him going LOW in the middle of the night I checked him, and he was low, I gave him some OVALTINE, and went to bed. Checked him 2 hrs. later, and he was even lower....I got really scared at that point,because I didn't know what was going on. An angel had to be watching him, because he was getting almost an extra unit of insulin every hour. I finally checked it, and that's what it was. Instead of .2 he was getting 1.0....Like I said he knows not to play with it like a toy, I'm definetly putting the lock back on, so no other children play with it, but it's not an easy operation to reset it where a child could do it, so I just don't know, but I just Thank God for watching over my family! And thanks to everyone for your kind supportive comments on his condition. I do have faith he will see a cure in his lifetime!


Deb said...

I know that must have frightened you...I'm glad you were able to figure out what was going on. ^5 to the guardian angel looking out for your boy!

Pass The Torch said...

I agree that someone's watching over us.

Your post makes me realize how much I take for granted every day.

I hope you get the pump figured out. It sounds like it is such a great tool, when it's working properly.


Catch said...

Wow Christine....that had to be scary! Poor little guy is so young to have to worry about all that. Yes, I do believe your Angel was watching....it also helps that you are so observant and take such wonderful care of your son. God bless you.

Southern Girl said...

Yikes, how scary! Bless his heart. Hope you won't have to go through that again!


Gosh! It's good everything is okay now. Yes, I do believe that angels do exist and are watching over us.
My TT13 is up too.

Anonymous said...

Thank God your Son has you as a Mom and the angels! Wonder if children did touch any of the buttons or if something was malfunctioning within the pump. Hopefully everything is better now! ((()))