Monday, September 25, 2006

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The Best Part of Fall is.....
Growing up in Southeren California, there wasn't much of a change to Fall. September was still HOT, and I knew it was Fall only because of Halloween and Thanksgiving.
Going to New England is one of my dream vacations. Not just to see the leaves change color, but for all the historical sites, and not to mention I'd love to go skiing in Vermont!
Back to the best part of Fall, I have a few memories that make Fall a really special time.
I'd mentioned before,that Halloween was great. My favorite Halloween memory, if I can find the picture, was of the year my brother and I took a picture with our dad all dressed up. Me as Strawberry Shortcake, my brother as Count Dracula, and my Dad as the Incredible Hulk.My dad had a fun night, scaring kids,and then making them laugh.
Once we moved to Albuquerque, this was the first time I'd seen leaves change color and it was gorgeous. Another thing happened, while I was sipping my coffee early in the morning, I witnessed one of the most amazing sights I'd ever seen.Hundreds of Hot Air Balloons were floating on air right past my apartment out in front of me. It was the first time I'd seen the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, we went a couple of years later, and I'd still like to go back and watch the night flights.
Here in AZ, there is a place that reminds me of Fall.
Oak Creek Canyon, in Sedona. The canyon is filled with Oak Trees and if you catch it just right, it's blazing with Red colors of Fall.
My all time Favorite thing to do for Fall is to take the kids to the Pumpkin Patch.
We've been to Schnepf Farm here in Queen Creek,AZ, and Youngs Farm in Dewey,AZ. I love to help the kids search for that perfect pumpkin.
Drinking hot chocolate, because Dewey's almost a mile high, and it gets pretty chilly. I almost feel like an impatient kid waiting until October, so I can run through a corn maze and eat apple fritters, while drinking hot chocolate and looking through a sea of orange to find a pumpkin.
Those are some of my favorite memories.
What are some of yours?


Happy0303 said...

We have a pumpkin patch here, too. It's great to be able to actually pick one yourself. They also have hayrides which are pretty cool!

The Pink Diary

Pass The Torch said...

"Run through a corn maze and eat apple fritters". That is so true! I love those things about fall. I need to get out there and enjoy it, though, before the leaves are gone!

My new address: 2passthetorch.com

Ocean Lady said...

We're gonna go to the pumpkin patch this year like the ones b4. It's great! Ooh and hot chocolate!!

Crazy Hip Blog Mamas looks like a lot of fun!! :=)