Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Friend's Day Wendsday 16
Here are 5 things I found today that brought a smile to my face, or that I would enjoy doing!
1.) This was a new one for me when I read it! This post from Suz in VA about her
One Tired Computer, was just too cute!
2.) I don't know about you, but our house, if I cleaned, with my son and daughter, not an hour later, it looks like a tornado blew in! My husband has actually seen me clean, and then the next day, he's wondering what happened. That's OK! This post by Heather from
Everything under the Moon is how I really feel about it!
3.)Blue is one of my favorite colors, and I really liked this pic from On Top of the World!
4.) This recipe submitted to World of Bloggers Cookbook by Lindsey from
is what I think will be my Dinner for tonight!
5.)OK, I'm feeling FALL in the air, and I am so looking forward to the under 100F temps we're supposed to be having this weekend, but I just love Blog Design 1 and Blog Design 2! Makes me want to go to New England and see the Changing Colors of Leaves, and My favorite trip to the Pumpkin Patch!


Happy0303 said...

I loved Heather's post on Perfection!

The Pink Diary

TC said...

I loved Heathers post as well. I love blog design 2.

Candy Minx said...

Nice positive list. Isn't it crazy about housework. One time in a coffee shop on the chalk board, it had a quote froma write(whose name I can't remeber) that said "After four years the dust doesn't get any worse" Hmmm....if we could only live with four years of dust then no housework!

My boyfriend and I are artists. We use our traditionally designated living room as a studio for us to paint in. (I covered my wall with plastic sheets to protect my landlords wallls) and I clean. I tidy up. I am more concerned with a clean/sanitary kitchen area...but no matter what I do we always seem to have stuff in the hallway...on its way in the place, or on its way out of the place. There are always a stack of papers to sort or art supplies to put away. Yikes. I just try not to let it clutter my mind.

I found your blog from Thursday Thirteen...so here is my TT, this is my #5 particiaption in the activity.