Sunday, September 24, 2006

This week, while visiting my husband's grandmother, I snapped a shot of her Mandevilla.I just love it. Of course all the good blooms were at the very top! It's easily over 6 feet high. She's only had it a year, and it must like the heat, because it made it through the Summer.


Tricia said...

Mandevilla are beautiful. Thats one vine that I haven't tried yet. I think I'm going to need to set up some UV lights in our spare bedroom this year for all the plants I'll be bringing in any day now.

Lynn said...

I had one of those last year.
It looked like it was going to come back all summer.
Then finally in August the shoots stopped being soft.
It was soft most of the summer and had little red mini shoots off it, on the trellus branches, but never got leaves or longer shoots or flowers.
So I am guessing they won't actually live through our winters.

Lifecruiser said...

I just love this blogroll, I get to see so many beautiful flowers I've never heard of! And this is another one. I love the colors.

Guppyman said...

I walk by themall the time while shopping- and usually stop and take a look.... One of these days i'm just gonna grab one and see how it does.


Rauf said...

The place must be really hot, have seen these as wild flowers here, South India has a very hot climate.

FruitfulSpirit said...

A very pretty vine, I love the shape of the flower! I have never grown a vine except a morning glory. Might have to branch out next spring. Very pretty shot! I hope you have a wonderful week!